I'm baaaack....

After two days of internet exile (using the Wii to mooch off of the neighbor's signal is useful, but sorely lacking in the "I'm able to post to the blog" department), I make my return to the world of Lino blogs!

In honor of the return, feel free to visit a brand new fan club, entitled "Ryan Stewart Rulz!" That's right, a group where our beloved producer, without whom there could be no show, can go and not be mocked, but instead be praised. Unless he does something terrible, which in that case, he will be criticized and chastised, just as Lino is at this site on a day to day basis.

The address is groups.myspace.com/ryanstewartrulz. Because, as everyone knows, as a producer, Ryan Stewart truly rulz.

Godspeed everyone. More after the show!

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