John Zmirak visits TCG

By Doug INK
I was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of John Zmirak, a long time friend of the shows, on TCG during my commute home from work. I have always enjoyed John's antics on the show. Near the end of the interview Lino asked John some of the best types of alcohol made by Catholics. Lino also hinted that one of us should list John's suggestions here. Doug INK's struggles in the spelling realm are well documented. Thus there was no way I was going to attempt to actually spell out the listing. What follows is the audio conversation.

Zmirak was on the show to plug his newest novel. A Graphic novel that is currently #18 on the graphic novels best seller list. The novel is called something like the "Inquistionist", in Lino fashion, I zoned that part out because it meant nothing to me. However, John did mention that he was slightly hung over because he went out the night before with Marty the Cop. Lino asked him if that wasn't a sin. John said it was not because he did not drink to the point where he forgot things or would do things he normally wouldn't do sober. After further probing, Zmirak admitted there was not alot of things he wouldn't do sober. Still as a fellow beer drinker, I enthusiastically endorse his logic. "Drink to the point of hilarity" to quote St. Thomas Aquinas.

I'm still thinking Ryan has yet to book a guest as Zmirak is a old friend of the show, obviously was in NYC and wanted to plug his graphic novel. I'm betting he called Lino. So the Ryan watch continues. Will he book a guest soon?

That's all the show I was able to listen to and get a blog out.

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7 Responses to John Zmirak visits TCG

  1. JZmirak says:

    Thanks for mentioning my visit to the show! The name of the graphic novel I was discussing is "The Grand Inquisitor." Check it out at Thanks!

    John Zmirak

  2. Doug INK says:

    Okay, honored but embarrassed. Had no idea anyone with any literary sense actually would follow a Lino based blog. Truthfully after hearing JZ on the show, I told myself I am going to buy both Bad Catholics books as I do enjoy his visits on the show and his style of humor.

  3. I may be biased, but the listeners of Lino's show will really enjoy The Grand Inquisitor and both Bad Catholics books.

    My own favorite though, is John's first book a biography of Wilhelm Ropke,for those interested in Catholic Social thought.

    I also think JohnZ should become a Tuesday regular, once again. Ryan get on this!

    Marty the Cop

  4. Doug INK says:

    AMEN AND AMEN!!!! to What Marty the Cop said.

  5. Just ordered 3 copies for the Newman Center library...Looking forward to reading it.

    see - a Lino appearance just gained you another $45 in sales from

  6. Doug INK says:

    I just bought the two "Bad Catholics" books. Unfortunately, for John, I have 5 kids and don't have a Newman Center Library budget, I ended up buying in the used portion of Amazon since they were the cheapest. Sorry no cash going into Mr. Zmiraks hands :-(

  7. You'll dig the books, DIK. I'm just finishing up "Wine, Whiskey, & Song" and am about to start reading "Good Living." (Sorry John -- I bought a used version on Amazon, too!)