By Doug INK
Sometimes instead of recapping the show, I like to comment on my thoughts during or what did I learn from Lino today. One segment of the show dealt with how influences we have earlier in life still affect a person later in life. In Lino's case he is still a Adidas brand man because he liked to listen to RUN DMC in his thin-mustached-mullet headed days. Lou still buys Nike because he wanted to be like Mike. To this day I am a Adidas man because I am a huge fan of Notre Dame football and in the Glorious Lou Holt's era (and even today), the Adidas logo is found on all Irish apparel. I hold some animosity toward Nike because that is what the dreaded Miami Hurricanes apparel was/is decorated with. In fact, it was one inner turmoils I had to deal with early in my marriage as my wife seemed always to find Nike shoes that fit her the best. Somehow in my warped logic, purchasing Nike products was akin to a sacrilege. Putting money into a company that didn't support such a fine Catholic institution as Notre Dame. I'm better now.

But the whole segment did get me thinking about the influences in my own children's life. What are they absorbing? My wife and I try to regulate and observe what our children are watching. But are we missing the subtle things that influence them? I am going to try to notice these things.

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3 Responses to INFLUENCES

  1. I thought it was funny (and kinda dorky) that Lino still wears Addidas because of Run D.M.C.... but then I realized that I wear Doc Marten boots.. the EXACT same kind of shoes I wore in high school when I was a long-haired, flannel-wearing, alternative rock kid! I guess old habits die hard.

  2. I still wear a Celtics jersey because they are going to kick L.A.'s ass!

    /random moment of fandom

    I still use Right Guard deodorant because Charles Barkley endorsed it 15 years ago.

  3. Doug INK says:

    Come to think of it, I had a mullet about that time also. 'cept mine was really cool. I had lines/level cut into the sides. Kinda like steps going up the side of my head.....Never dated much during that era :-(