Show review 6-6

We got called out in the first 30 minutes of the show.

No holds barred, teeth gnashing, rage and anger filling the streets much like blood filled the rivers of the Nile eons ago.

Nobody got stabbed, mind you, but Lino, during the segment "Lino is sorry" called us out, reading the post "Lino snubs the Popcaks" word-for-word.

"Apparently they griped about it on their little show last night," Lino bemoaned. "At my own fan club, I read 'Lino snubs the Popcaks!'

Even technical director Lou was taken aback.

"Those are pretty harsh words coming from your own fan club," Lou said. "Are you sure that isn't"

Lino explained his side of the story, which gets a passable grade.

"I wanted to make a theological point. I didn't want to go backwards and make fun of James Taylor," Lino explained. Lou even pointed out that Lino did feel bad after the show for not being able to take the call.

So, in hindsight, I guess we should have confronted Lino first before ripping him to shreds without his side of the story. But getting Lino flustered over the air is worth it :)

The rest of the show involved Nose-tradamus predicting the future for callers with some interesting results.

"Hey Lino," one caller began. "I'm going to be camping with my children this weekend, and I-"

"Yes," Lino replied, cutting the caller off. "Yes you will be camping this weekend. Thank you for your call."

It was a fun segment, despite Jeff and Pete calling in and complaining about the segment.

And that set the tone for a fun Friday show. Fridays can be hit or miss, due to it being the last show before the weekend, but the quiet, deadpan tone of Nosetradamus, plus this blog getting smacked around like The Rock wrestling the Mean Street Posse, made for a great Friday show.

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2 Responses to Show review 6-6

  1. Whoa whoa whoa.. what's this "we" stuff? I believe you it was YOUR post, Dustin!

    But don't worry -- the fans still associated the fan club with me, so anytime you throw Lino under the bus, they'll just blame me anyway, so post away! ;-)

  2. Dan, we're a team! If Lino strikes one of us, he strikes all of us! :)

    Hope you had a good birthday!