Introducing Christine Lloyd and Maureen's unemployment

On the show today, in honor of Seize the Day host Gus Loyd, Christine has been given an alias, new last name. Loyd.
Great fit, and thanks to Ryan from New York for suggesting the name.
And now, Lino got word that Maureen, who quit The Catholic Guy show for National Public Radio, has lost her job at the new radio show. Here is part of Maureen's email:
"So my new job, well I gotta confess. NPR pulled the funding of the show. Seriously, I've sort of been in shock. I've only been there a few weeks... and we're done... I've got a paid three week vacation...I don't have a steady job...I'll probably be back at Sirius soon."
Would love to see Maureen back at Sirius. Just not in Ryan's position. He's a much better producer that we've grown to love.

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5 Responses to Introducing Christine Lloyd and Maureen's unemployment

  1. oskiwow says:

    is ryan really a better producer than maureen? i'm still not sure. the segments he's put in have been more comic relief than anything sustainable. if anything, he's another guy for Lino to pal around with during show.

    i think the show dynamic is slightly better, and christine "lloyd" certainly helps.

    --mike in burbank

  2. Well, nobody has complained about not getting prizes. And I do like that he is in the "know" about Catholicism more.

    But yeah, I think he's just as good as Maureen. Of course, since we aren't behind the scenes, none of us truly knows. But I got a good feeling about the kid :)

  3. Oh no, I feel awful for Maureen! What a horrible position to be in. I hope she is able to get something else quickly and easily.

    While I loved both Maureen and Tom, I think hiring people who are practicing Catholics is a good move.

  4. Doug INK says:

    Man what a bummer for Maureen. The optomistic view is that it is only June and she already has got 6 weeks paid vacation. She used 3 weeks up in January on TCG show and now gets another 3 :-) I will keep her in my prayers. Hopefully, this bit of adversity will draw Maureen deeper into faith.
    I think Christine needs to follow Maureen lead. Maureen had her "Producer Maureen" page and a personal page. Christine needs to establish a pseudo myspace page to filter TCG creeps, present company included, from people she really wants as friends.

  5. oskiwow says:

    good points dustin & kate.

    [i've given up getting the paper yarmulka from lino's israel trip :).]

    i keep forgetting that ryan is actually practicing the faith...