Received an inscribe "Bad Catholics Book"

By Doug INK
Wow, talk about quick shipping. Last Friday, June 6, I ordered John Zmirak's two bad Catholics books. "The Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living'" and "The Bad Catholics Guide to Wine, Whiskey and Song". I have quickly perused each book and they are better than I imagined. I can't wait to start reading them. Of course, it will further complicate my already busy life. God, Lino, family, work, this blog, reading my two new books.....................What is sleep anyway :-P
The awesome thing about getting the books is that I actually received a inscribed copy of one of the books. Man, what a find! The book was in brand new conditions. Obviously, never been read. I believe the the people were saving it as a collectors item and it must have been mistakenly shipped. That could be the only explanation for not delving into such a treasure of Catholic knowledge. Check it out.

Oh did I mention it wasn't the authors inscription. I found it funny. For one split second, I actually did think I got a autographed copy. I guess that is the dangers of buying used on Amazon. The one uneasy feeling I get as I type this is that the dude that bought this probably is Catholic. Probably has a good sense of humor. If he has Sirius no doubt would love listening to Lino. Might check into this site............ I'm thinking Matthew's next conversation with Jennifer and Brian would be interesting.

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5 Responses to Received an inscribe "Bad Catholics Book"

  1. Wow. Lino's right under *God*?!

  2. You'll dig the books, DIK. Zmirak's books are right the alley of most Catholic Guy fans.

  3. Doug INK says:

    Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...
    Wow. Lino's right under *God*?!

    Sadly, that was intentional. I'm glad my wife doesn't read this blog.

  4. Your wife doesn't read? Maybe she should! But if she skips that post, we won't tell on you.

  5. Oh ya.. my used copy of "Good Living" has the name "Amy Brooks" written all over it... like it belonged to some kid who I'm supposed to return it to if lost... weird..

    BTW, poor Johhny Z. He doesn't get squat off of us buying used Bad Catholics books online!