Lino on the brain

By Doug INK
I'm back after a few days hiatus. A camping trip with the family. 3 Linoless days. Serenity now. (I'll get to the Insanity When I say Linoless, it means that I didn't listen to Lino Fri, Sat, Sun. Offered it up to spend some time with the family. Now I still took the old stilleto along. Didn't sweat the Friday show. I thought I'd listen to it on the Sunday drive home whilst everyone else slept. Did I want to listen to Friday's show.? Yes. But knew it would be an exercise in futility trying to hear every word while traveling with 5 youngsters. Made me look good to my lovely bride, also. Kids think , "Dad is cool. Doesn't need Lino. Let's us listen to Radio Disney."
Dad knows no need to fear just record the replay later on. Always seem to have Lino on the Brain. (It's best to say those last four words while thinking of the tune of Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train). Besides Dad is pretty slick. Packed up the laptop. Most campground have wireless now. .............. Dad is not so slick. This campground don't. Hopes of staying in tune with Lino central dashed. Offer it up. Serenity Now !!
Went to a place that has a Wizard of Oz theme. Of course with Lino on the brain, the first munchkin I see. I ask my wife to take a picture of me. Sadly, my oldest immediately points out I am going to use it to make a reference to Ron Asterino. My wife tries to understand me, she does love me, but at times she just doesn't get me.

I was going to doctor this photo up. But I just love the expression on the munchkin. And second I look so hack in my I LOVE NY t-shirt. My original blog idea was to base it around this photo. You know, claim Ron might be on the road to Sainthood. Offer photo as proof he can bilocate since he was both in Rome and at this campground. But then to quote a former producer (?) 'Things just got crazy".

Never got much of a chance to listen to Friday's show on the way home Sunday. My wife and I got into some great conversation. Maybe being Linoless for two days has somehow broken the psychological grip the show has on me. No problems. Work needs some one to do some traveling Monday and Tuesday. I volunteer. Can catch up on Friday's show Mon. morning. Listen to it live in the afternoon.

Friday's show, contrary to popular opinion, I thought was pretty good. Conversation with Ron A. from Rome was funny. Love the inquizzition. Bad Connection Bob was as good as ever. Even with the new headset that gave him a good connection. I honestly wish I could be as cool of a caller as BCB. Stoner Alex was a real treat. Of course, I had been Linoless for about 3 days, so maybe anything sounded good at the time. It's like when you give up something for lent. After a while any form of it will do. There is an old Eddie Murphy joke about Saltines vs Ritz crackers when it comes to "embracing" that is the perfect analogy here. I don't want to explain it. Well, because it is probably inappropriate and I am getting tired.

Let's move ahead to the start of today's show. Tune in about 5 minutes before. NO ANTENNA DETECTED. WHAT!!!!! Stop the vehicle. Check the connection. Good. Maybe it's a software glitch. Remove battery. Power up. Wait......wait.....wait.......HURRY UP !!!!!! IT'S 3:02!!!! DANG!!!!!! NO ANTENNA DETECTED!!!!! WHAT THE HEY!!!!!! As Lino often says "God, Why do you hate me?"

Now here is my dilemma. After messing around trying to figure out the cause, I think my vehicle kit it broke. I have a home kit that I could leave it in to record but that means I have no Catholic Channel while I drive this stupid trip for work I volunteered to do. My dream of 3 hours of uninterrupted CG is gone. My denial of my addiction to the show, gone. My sanity, gone. To much Lino on the brain. Kid's this is your BRAIN, this is your brain on Lino.

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  1. That ending was the best ending to a post we've ever had on the site.