A look ahead

After last week's callous events, what do we have to look forward to this week?

• Assuming Lino works on Monday, after being at the New Media Conference this weekend, we can expect to hear about the trip, what he spoke about, and so forth.

•Lino missed last week's appointment with Dr. Pazzo. Will he make it this week, or will it be two weeks straight without an appointment with his therapist?

• After fan's cries, will "Let's Make a Catholic Deal" get any shorter?

• And finally, after blowing us off on Friday after the famous "walkout," will we finally get a legitmate apology?

It's holiness through randomness! The Catholic Guy with Lino Rull starts in less than three hours.

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5 Responses to A look ahead

  1. oskiwow says:

    doubtful we get a "heartfelt" apology. given the way that last week played out, i doubt we will even hear a mention of this further -- it doesn't make for good radio, and it doesn't make for a good Lino on radio.

    will i be listening at 1pm today? don't know.

  2. Yeah, I guess I should let go of the bitterness...I just don't think Lino realizes how much last week hurt his listeners.

  3. oskiwow says:

    Catholics offer this sort of stuff up to God as a means of letting go.

    i expect nothing to come out of it.

    if something does come, bonus! but i'm not going to put up with another there's nothing wrong with me -- there's something wrong with you schtick.

    we're all Catholics. we're supposed to be better than that... right?

  4. Lino sounds a lot happier today. It warms my heart. He obviously had an off week last week. Its ok. We all do.

  5. oskiwow says:

    i broke down and listened today.

    i even emailed in.

    he read my email.

    today's show is one of the best. :)