Lino's back!

At the end of Wednesday’s Bob Dunning “Across The Nation” show, The Dunning asked Lino why he wasn’t on the air yesterday. Lino told him that he was in Houston. (Thanks for letting us know beforehand, Lino!)

But, hey, it’s good to have our Catholic Guy back on the air!

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3 Responses to Lino's back!

  1. oskiwow says:

    He's being an uppity snit though -- he is saying he is not accountable to the Catholic Guy audience.

    gees, we just care about the guy.

    how ungrateful he is to his fans. :(

  2. Naw I wouldn't take it that way. Lino's just being Lino. He's very grateful of his fans. In fact, if I was a decent Lino stalker.. er... "fan club president," I would have remembered he was going to be in Houston. :-)

  3. oskiwow says:

    ah, ok. because of you, dan, i will learn to not be so angry with NOSEtradamus.