The Catholic Guy and the Celtics

For those of you who watched the NBA Finals game tonight, you saw a complete dismantling of the Lakers by the Boston Celtics, delivering the team's 17th championship and making a fool of Bible Geek Mark Hart, who sounded oh so confident that the Lakers would win the series (Lino should be making $20 off of Mark's well-meaning ignorance.)

With all the talk and praise of Boston's big three in Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, I think TCG has its own big three in Lino, Lou and Ryan. The Celtics played flawless team basketball, solidifying themselves as one for the good of the team. Sometimes, meshing together superstars does not bring a championship, as the 2004 Lakers comprised of Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and Karl Malone found out. But Boston's three worked well, and delivered a championship to the city of Boston.

And while TCG crew might not have the spotlight that Boston's big three have, to many they carry just as much weight. While today's show was a rerun, I still listened to a little bit of it, and I marvel at how much chemistry crew members have with each other. The three of them, Lino, Lou and Ryan, work together to deliver us a quality show day in and day out.

So as I celebrate the Celtics championship tonight with too much rum and tequila (mixed with Coca Cola Zero: no beer on hand), I am thankful for the other big three that are heard on The Catholic Guy show each day. The witty banter and commentary would not be possible if it were not for each person's personality: everyone brings something great to the table.

Here's hoping for a new episode tomorrow. Go Celtics!

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6 Responses to The Catholic Guy and the Celtics

  1. Gratz Celtics on an awesome whoppin' of the Lakers!

  2. Yes!
    What a game, what a game. As an Irish blood I the team put PRIDE back in celtic pride. Wonderful post on this too. It is one of the best that I have read and seen today. I really enjoyed reading your blog and have added this blog to my favs. Keep up the great work. Let celebrate today!!! Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lino and Lou you have proved the Bible Geek is not Sports Geek good job!

    Catholic Chump

  4. oskiwow says:

    any word yet on the AWOL status of Lino, Lou, Ryan, Christine, Emily, Bobby, Jan, Cindy, Marcia, Peter, Greg, Alice, et al.?

  5. No word on their whereabouts. Lino must have called in sick (he's got a bad back!) yesterday. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing Lou and Ryan host the show for a change.

  6. oskiwow says:

    i think we have a show today. he did a promo on the previous guy's show just now ... :)