Lino's ex-girlfriend awkwardness - 6/6/08

Lino's ex-girlfriend awkwardness - 6/6/08

I think our man Lino made the right decision not going to that party Friday night with his ex-girlfriend. Nothing good could have come from it... even though it would have been radio GOLD.

Did Lino do the right thing? Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to Lino's ex-girlfriend awkwardness - 6/6/08

  1. Going would have been disastrous and unnecessary. Giving us rahdio gold is one thing, making things needlessly awkward is another!

    Hope you liked the new sidebar, by the way!

  2. Doug INK says:

    I was torn between what would have been right for Lino and what I would have liked to have happen.
    dustin, I do like the new sidebar. You are very persceptive to pick up on thebut fact that I enjoy beer :-P But I have to reprimand you on your spelling. Rembember mispelling is my realm.