State of The Catholic Guy

It’s been just over a year since Lino Rulli's first and last "State of The Catholic Guy" address. Lino delivered the address on the June 4, 2007 broadcast, the sixth month anniversary of The Catholic Guy Show.

To celebrate the occasion last year, before he gave his SOTCG, Lino played a clip from his Catholic Channel demo tape of a proposed show he called "Happy Hour With Lino." Lino’s idea was to have a one-hour Catholic show where he would drink and act stupid the entire time while on the air.

As only Lino could, he managed to make an offensive joke about Japanese people within five seconds of the demo show.

Of course, we all know that the folks over at The Catholic Channel ultimately decided to have Lino do the three hour “Catholic Guy” show we know and love. But I can’t help but wonder what great evangelization for Christ the one-hour “Happy Hour” show could have accomplished. If that isn’t what Pope John Paul II was talking about when he called for a "new evangelization" I don’t know what is.

Last year, Lino had also played a clip from the very first Catholic Guy show, which opened with Lino starting his first broadcast with, “Hey, this is The Catholic Guy. I’m Lino Rulli. Welcome to the big show…. Wow.”

So will there be a State of The Catholic Guy this year? A lot has changed in The Catholic Guy universe in the last year. It would be fun to look back and see what promises and goals Lino came through on and which ones fell by the wayside.

I know he made good on at least two promises: to reduce significantly the number of guests on the show and to continue to fight against foreign and domestic enemies such as Gus Lloyd.

Hopefully, if Lino does a new SOTCG, it’ll be a little shorter this year. Last year’s was 15 minutes long! That’s a little too hard to pay attention too, and much too long to pirate on YouTube.

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  1. 15 minutes of a speech would be heaven compared to the hand sanitizer/sign of peace segment a few weeks ago!