Lou, Son, We have a Problem!!!

By Doug INK
I post this video for those fans who were unable to listen to TCG Show on Friday. These unfortunate souls not only missed a few technical blunders but a great show. The video is posted in much the same manner we watch in morbid fascination on "America's Funniest Home Videos" as a young boy hits his father in the groin with a baseball bat. We know it's painful for someone but still find humor in it :-).

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2 Responses to Lou, Son, We have a Problem!!!

  1. Oh man Doug... I'm so glad you're not around for Sunday Mass by me, could imagine all my snafu's and screw ups getting you-tubed.

    A few weeks ago, I was having mental "farts" all over the place. Right before communion, I said "This is the Lamb of God " and totally lost my line paused, tried not to laugh (at an incredibly inappropriate moment) and just finished "happy are those called to his supper..."

    Could just imagine if you had audio...

    (It is pretty funny though. Wish Lou's mike was live throughout)

  2. oskiwow says:

    i wonder if Lino found the future Mrs. Rulli this past weekend.