Missed Lou today.

Lou was out of the picture today. And although the show was good, his presence was missed. It made me realized how well Lino and Lou work together. They repond to each other so well. Adam (the Hammer) Hamway did a great job filling in. He is a very funny dude. Does anyone know? Is he the voice of Jimmy J. J. Johnson on "Speak Now"? I know from his myspace page, http://tinyurl.com/5hcwao, he does alot of voices.
I "borrowed" the above photo from Lou's page, http://tinyurl.com/59pag3 . I hope it he is OK with this. But in the last week, I've taped a copyrighted movie,
, and illegally download and posted audio clips from TCG show.
Victimless crimes, I tell you, victimless!!!!
As I write this I keep thinking Lou is working on his car. I will say a prayer for him.
That's it. Look for dustin random youtube video.

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