Out of commission

Due to unforseen billing issues with the net at home, I won't be able to post to the blog until Friday, save for the times I'm at work. I could do it from my Wii from the wireless signal I'm able to mooch from the neighbors, but then I'm not able to put pictures in the posts, and then the blog wouldn't look as nice.

SO, I'm counting on Doug in Kansas, Dan, and Father Chern to pick up my slack! As far as today's show was concerned, I did miss Lou, but it was a fun breath of fresh air to have Adam 'Hammer' Hamway filling in. The discussion over Lino's date was a fun one: Hammer introduced Lino to one of his single lady friends, and Lino had to blow the age difference out of proportion like his is usually bound to do (find fault in the good things God gives him, that is). She's 23, he's a young 36, and he went crazy over it!

I hope that he doesn't screw things up: I'd love for Lino to have a great date and be happy outside of work for a change.
See you on Friday!

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