Lou's News: Joan Rivers curses on British TV


One of the news stories on Wednesday's "Lou's News" (formerly "Wheel of News") segment was a story about comedian Joan Rivers using profanity on a British television show called "Loose Women." (Lino joked that he was interested in watching that show because of the title until he heard that Joan Rivers was on there).

Rivers made a not-so-nice remark about actor Russel Crowe -- assuming that her comments would be bleeped.

Immediately after calling Crowe a "[blank] [blank]" one of the shocked hostesses informed Joan that they were on live.


Lou said he hoped the Joan Rivers clip was on YouTube.

Ask and you shall receive!

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3 Responses to Lou's News: Joan Rivers curses on British TV

  1. Doug INK says:
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  2. Doug INK says:

    How many face lifts has she had? All I could think about while watching this is this totaly crude joke.


    I've used descretion and posted it at my myspace page. Unlike some people who will post very unappropriate material on this site ;)

  3. Hey I put a warning. :-)