New Catholic Guy Show 'fan' site:

Someone's started a Catholic Guy Show fan/satire site called which promises to always be "waging Jihad against The Catholic Guy Show."

According to the website:

The Catholic Taliban is a ministry of the Society for Boredom in Catholic Media.

Not affiliated with the Catholic Guy Show, the Unofficial Lino Rulli Fan Club, the Archdiocese of New York, the Afghani Taliban or the Spanish Inquisition.

This web site is not copyrighted. Who’d want to steal it anyway?

The website owner makes no apologies for (and seems pretty proud about, in fact) the site design being completely ripped off from Gus Lloyd's page.

Check 'em out over at

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3 Responses to New Catholic Guy Show 'fan' site:

  1. Doug INK says:

    That is an awesome site!!! Despite the fact that it has links back to this site. I am just having a bit of trouble figuring ojut how to leave a comment there.

  2. Man, we gotta kick it up a notch here. We might get surpassed!

  3. Doug INK says:

    Honestly, I think we have. I enjoyed that page alot. But like the parable of the seeds. Let's see what kind of ground The Catholic Taliban falls on.