Thankful for Lino

After being chided by Lino, I'd like to thank Lino for coming to work each day. It's a blessing that he decides to show up to work each day.

I encourage you to leave your comments and share with Lino how flippin grateful we are for him coming to work :)

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4 Responses to Thankful for Lino

  1. oskiwow says:
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  2. oskiwow says:

    i love lino. my life is better knowing he is okay.

    (that sounded either really sweet, or really creepy)

    -mike in burbank

  3. Doug INK says:

    Honestly, I wavered back and forth in prayer for the show during the night, morning and afternoon. I don't think any fan would have begrudged Lino a chance to fly to Houston have a po' boy and give a talk.
    Infact, today during work, I walked out to my truck a little after 3, I'm central time, to see if Lino was on the air or not.
    Sincerely, I was concerned that something major happened. Of course the idiot I am, in my hurry to get back into work, I left my ingnition key on and when I came out after work my battery was dead. Good thing there was a tractor nearby to boost me. No joke, no euphamism ;-).
    However, once I heard that Lino was live, I was torn between two emotions. First , joy, that everything was alright. Second, anger, that all my anxiety could have been eased with a simple announcement. As a father, it reminded me of the times, when your child wanders away from you. When you finally find them , you want to both hug and scold him. Hug him because he is Ok. Scold him because he caused you so much worry. Lino has to realise he has a significant amount of fans who faithfully tune into his show. We have a great amount of concern for him. Just show a little back.

  4. oskiwow says:

    i wonder if he will mention this incident to Dr. Patso.

    i hope Dr. Patso helps him through this.

    i just realized that Lino's crew are all younger than him -- i think that group defer to him too much. no one really had the cajones to tell him that maybe he was being a little insensitive to his fans when he said that he wasn't accountable to the fans at all.

    oy. i'm getting peeved again about this. i just didn't expect lino to be so flippant when some fans were genuinely concerned about his well-being...