The week ahead

Five days of The Catholic Guy show are soon upon us. That's 15 hours, 900 minutes, or 54,000 seconds (however you wish to tell time) of Catholic pleasure.

No word on guests or segments, but here is what we do know headed into this week.

• As Dan mentioned earlier, we could see a State of The Catholic Guy Show address from Lino.

• Word is the show has been looking for a new phone answerer. We could see her materialize this week (hoping for a woman to fill the fourth spot on TCGS)

• Last week, Ryan tried his hand at coming up with new segments. I have faith that on Mondays show, he could trot out a new one. Off the top of my head, I'd guess the segment could be called "The Wisdom of Lino," in which callers ask Lino for advice on life, love and happiness, and he gives them Dear Abby-style advice.

• And we saw everyone's favorite game show, Lets Make A Catholic Deal, move from Thursday to Tuesday, and the disappearance of The Inquisition. Lets see if that scheduling holds serve this week.

Happy show listening!

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2 Responses to The week ahead

  1. Doug INK says:

    Like the Lino's Wisdom idea. Great potential for humor. Without Lino going to Toni's game party the only story we might get Monday is how Lino saw another beautiful woman at Mass yet somehow failed to make any connection with her besides eye conntact.

  2. I was brought up to believe eye contact was akin to the sin of lust. You mean you can actually do that?