Cocksure Lino

Is Lino getting confident in his job security? I couldn't help but think this as I listened to Tuesday's show. At one point Lino was reading emails and read one from a guy who said he "rolled his ass off" laughing at the show. Lino justified his saying ass, stating the word is found in the bible. A little over a year ago, the show ran a running segment for a week on biblical jokes. People sent in biblical or church jokes which Lino read on the air. I sent him the following

Did you know that Elastic Man had relatives mentioned in the bible?
He did, in the old testament it says Elijah tied his ass to a tree and walked 40 miles.

I mentioned at the time, the prophet and mileage probably aren't correct but there is a line in the bible like that. Well atleast, I believe there is because I heard the joke from a Protestant. Focus on the humor not the facts.

Any whoo........ I sent Lino a few other jokes that he read on the air. Because the type were clean most did not incite much laughter from the crew. Defensively, Lino stated that one joke, the aforementioned one, made him laugh but he couldn't read it on the air because it used a certain word in it. After some coaxing he did read the joke but cleared his throat over the ass part.

To quote Seinfield, "not that there's anything wrong with that". Although I'm glad none of my kids were in the car. I can just hear my 9 year old boy saying "ass". Justifying it with "Lino said it". Shamefully, I admit he's heard worse from me. (In my defense certain words just fly when a wild cow is chasing you over a fence. )

This isn't a criticism of Lino. (He is very sensitive). Just a fact I pondered. I like the double entendres and innuendos. It is what makes the show more real and enjoyable. Heck, I used the word cocksure in the title because it sounds dirty. (Plus, I want to sound intellectual like Jared).

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