The songs Lino, Lou and Jared hate!

Since we exist to make Lino's life better, during today's show, the question was posed: What's the worst song ever? From Lino, it was Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." "Rubber Ball" by The Cyrkle was Lou's pick, and Jared hates America's "Muskrat Love"

So since they hate them so much, here are Youtube videos of all three songs! Pesonally, I think Muskrat Love is the worst of the bunch, but that's just me.

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6 Responses to The songs Lino, Lou and Jared hate!

  1. Gregory says:

    I have to agree with Lino on this one.

    And if you really, really hate this song, do not -- under any circumstances -- click on this link.

  2. Doug INK says:

    I throw my vote toward Bad Connection Bob's choice - Nina's
    "99 Shuf Luft Balloons". Not that the song is that bad. I just remember seeing the video 20 plus years ago. It is still hard for me too talk about.......but in the video......Nina.......well.......
    you could see her hairy ......hairy........her hairy.........armpits. she was a all natural Euro chick. To much for a midwest teen boy to handle.

  3. Doug INK says:

    Okay, I've just watch the Rick Astley video. That is way worse than hairy armpits. Lino is right. And Gregory you know what kind of chicken you'd be if you were chicken?

  4. Gregory says:

    I'm guessing Doug in Kansas just got rickrolled.

    "99 Luftballoons" (the German version) is much better than "99 Red Balloons" (the English version).

    Besides, it's a stirring Cold War-era anti-nuclear protest song. So if you don't like the song, you're in favor of a nuclear holocaust. I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you to your parish Peace and Justice Commission.

  5. I like America (both the band and the country) but I hate "Muskrat Love". I've actually seen America in concert twice: (a) at Buffalo Bill's Casino in Primm Valley, Nevada and ;(b) at the Chandler Ostrich Festival in Chandler, Arizona. (Clearly, their star is on the rise). Anyone, however, who thinks that "Dog and the Butterfly" by Heart is not the world's worst song is a heretic and has placed their soul in jeopardy.

  6. Can I vote on praise and worship songs in general? If you want me to be specific, I'll go "Shout to the North and the South."

    I know P&W has good intentions (worshipping God), but the songs are just so.... terrible!