Lino Fans Unite!!!!!

It is time for us Lino fans to unite to support a good cause. It would be a great tribute to the show if Lino's bulb got the largest donations. (I have a great song parody for this sung to the tune of AC/DC's "Big Balls", but I have a feeling no matter how clean I make it, it just still will sound too blue). Here is my idea. Maybe we could all pitch in and pool our money. Then raffle of the Lino's bulb ( I laugh every time I type that) NBA lottery style. For instance, say Lino' bulb (snicker!!!!) fetches $600 if you contributed $10 you would have 10 chances out of 600.

I wasn't sure if I should even post this. It is a homerun or stikeout scenario. If we do manage to pull this off, we hit it out of the park for Lino. (Oh yeah, and maybe Christianity and the future of the Catholic Channel.) I can almost hear Lou's cash register ringing when Lino brings up his high priced bulb (chuckles) at contract negotiations. Hopefully, assuring us of many more years of Lino.

Of course if this doesn't work, Lino could take it badly that we as fans didn't united for his cause. Discouraging and depressing him. Sending him biweekly to to Dr. Patzo.

Considering all that Lino does for us, not just 3 hours of Cathtainment but shelling out his own cash for prizes praying for listeners while in Rome, bringing home certain requested gifts. I don''t think it's to much to ask to contribute some cash.

For those interested, email me with you desired donations. This is also a bit of a risk for me since the bidding will be done under my credit card. I hope nobody stiffs me (not funny). Send no money now only if we win. I'll contact Jared if we do win and forward all the info of who contributed how much and maybe they could do the drawing on the air. If he don't want to I'll talk to Fr Jim or some neutral party. If by some chance you don't trust me I hear by proclaim I will excommunicate myself from all CGS relations if I am running a scam.

As I write this Lino is in 4th place in the bidding. David Cook $510, Howard Stern $405, David Archeleta $355, Lino $281. If the two people who push Lino's bulb (still funny) to $281 would put their share in we'd already have $561.

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3 Responses to Lino Fans Unite!!!!!

  1. Gregory says:

    I'm in for $20 -- but only if I can pay by Paypal.

  2. Doug INK says:

    You have to send me the $ if we win the bid because it will be under my paypal account. Don't think it allows money pooling on ebay. But remember you don't have to send it unless we win so no risk to you.