Catholic Guy Grinch

The following is a clip about Lino Rulli I heard on some dog and pony show. I struggled with whether as a true Linofan I should post something that his archenemies produced. I justify it in the fact that this site is dedicated to all things Lino. Plus, I feel, most fans want to hear this type of fodder.

I found Gus's timing on this very interesting. Dropping this parody during the week that Lino is in Rome. Greatly diminishing Lino's chances at retaliation.

(I do appreciate the fact that I was able to not only illegal download the song but also borrow the Lino Grinch image that Gus took the time to photo shop.)

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7 Responses to Catholic Guy Grinch

  1. Thanks for posting that. I never would have caught that. Gotto give is to Gus. The man can sing.

  2. oskiwow says:

    eh, it was a lame and sophomoric effort at best.

    if i were Gus and i knew what comedy was, i'd be embarrassed....

  3. I have to agree with oskiwow... it was funny for maybe 30 seconds. After that, I was waiting for it to end.

    Poor, poor Gus - to rattle a jet-lagged Lino, Lou and Jared...You can imagine what the response will be

  4. Well done, musically. Gus has a great voice. A bit long, but, sadly, modern man has no attention span.

  5. derStefan says:

    Awww, poor jet-lagged Lino. Gus takes his tired "dog & pony show" jabs on the chin day after day, and the one time he responds in kind the best anyone can do is throw a few insults his way and question his timing. Blah, blah, blah...

    Yes it was a bit long, but highly entertaining nonetheless and a long time in coming. And no, I'm not a shill for Gus; I'm a Lino fan, too. I just want to give Gus a fair break.

  6. DerStefan, obviously a psuedonym for GUS LLOYD

  7. oskiwow says:

    "modern man has no attention span" ?

    listening to that "song" that Gus made in its entirety has to be considered a corporal work of mercy.

    -mike in Burbank