Lino Rulli on Judith Regan's show

Lino Rulli mentioned today that he taped a top-10 religious moments for Judith Regan's show. Lino didn't make it exceptionally clear, but it looks like he will be on Regan's show tomorrow. The air dates are, according to Sirius, 6 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm & 10 pm ET on Sirius Channel 102, XM channel 155. Maybe Lino will clarify this for us. Or maybe not. Who knows! Tune in tomorrow for some good Catholic pleasure!

Note: Lino Rulli appears approximately one hour and 15 min into the show, which, if you just want to hear Lino, tune in later today around 7:15 eastern, 9:15 eastern, or 11:15 eastern. The conversation probably isn't safe to play back on TCC (Dennis Hoff from The Bunny Ranch was also on the show, who seemed like a nice guy), but Lino did a very good job at representing the faith. A very funny 10 min! Regan seemed to really enjoy Lino being on the show (and who wouldn't).

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