Lino Rulli's giant-sized nose

Catholic Guy Show fan Oblate Mike sent me this photo of Lino, asking if his nose really does look that big in person. I guess it all depends on the angle. But I suspect that someone might have Photoshopped this image of Lino to lessen the shock of The Catholic Guy's trademark shnozz.

I for one think that, in 2009, all us Lino fans should make a New Year's resolution to stop making fun of Lino's nose. There's plenty of other physical, personality, and spiritual flaws in Lino that we can focus our attention on!

Love you, Lino!

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2 Responses to Lino Rulli's giant-sized nose

  1. You're right Dan. You know what else would be great? If everytime we called the show, we opened up by saying, "Lino, I love you." It would be a great way to spread Christian charity and agape-style love!