A call for prayer

Some time ago, Lino and the crew mentioned the idea of having group prayer before the show. The consensus at the time was that it was weird, wouldn't work, etc., and nothing was done.

Since I don't work for the station (how I wish I did), I can only assume that they still don't have group prayer before the show. I could be wrong, but since nobody has mentioned it on the air, we are sticking with that assumption.

Which leads me to this call to everyone who listens to the show and enjoys it (or hates it). I think that, right around 3:55-3:59 p.m. eastern time, we should all take 30 seconds to pray for Lino, the crew and the show. It doesn't have to be anything grand, anything spectacular, just a few seconds of prayer. Since the crew won't do it, we'll band together and do it for them.

Dan was right, the show needs a spiritual director. The show also needs prayer, and while an SD might be a ways off, prayer shouldn't have to wait.

I think Lino, Lou, Jared and Christine would all benefit from 30 seconds of our time.

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6 Responses to A call for prayer

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  2. oskiwow says:

    bah, Lino pooh poohs prayer before the show because I think he thinks it's "uncool."

  3. I think the idea of praying for the show and crew every day is a great one.

  4. I pray for this show and all of the people at the Catholic Channel everyday.

    I feel it very important that they receive our Spiritual support in their ministry. It isn't easy coming up with new ideas and keep the shows interesting and in Lino's case funny.

    SO I encourage eveyone to take the time to say a short prayer for them everyday.