Seize the Day is real!

Listeners of The Catholic Channel recognize Gus Lloyd's Seize the Day theme music instantly. They play it in the station bumpers, and Lino plays a short snippet of the song every now and then to make fun of Gus.

But if you thought this was a little jingle that Adam Hamway put together for the show, you're wrong.

It's a song from Carolyn Arends' 1995 album "I Can Hear You," produced by Brown Bannister, the producer for Rachael Lampa's albums (I throw in that nugget because I had the biggest crush on Lampa in high school, and still do). The single "Seize the Day" reached number 29 on the Canadian Adult Contemporary charts in 1997 (thank you Wikipedia).

So if you'd like to pretend to be Gus Lloyd, you can listen to this song whenver. The song wouldn't be so bad if I had never heard of Gus, but "God bless ya brother!" is the only thing running through my head when I listen to this.

Oh by the way, it's also available on iTunes. It's the most popular Arends song. Go figure.

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1 Response to Seize the Day is real!

  1. I was listening to a Christian channel a few weeks ago and was stunned when I heard the full "seize the day" song - at first I thought it was a Sirius/Cath Channel commercial

    It's actually a really nice/catchy tune. You're right though - I have Gus Lloyd's GOOD MORNING TO YA in the background