Twitter? I hardly know her!

Yes, the post title is a little creepy. But bear with me.

If Lino Rulli is going to refer to this blog as the unofficial Lino Rulli fan club, then we'd better be at the top of our game! It's the reason for the redesign, as the better site will better serve Lino fans who access the blog (I'm glad for the positive comments received so far).

For the latest update, if you'll look at the sidebar on the right, you'll see an item called Twitter Updates. What is Twitter?  Twitter is a way for people to post updates on their lives quickly and easily for others to read. News organizations (including my secular newspaper I work for) use Twitter to send news alerts to others.

Here at, we'll be using it to update you with breaking news on the show, upcoming guests, etc. Think of it as a newswire for The Catholic Guy Show.

The cool thing is, you can sign up for Twitter, and receive the updates we post directly on your cell phone via text message. It comes in handy if something big happens on the show (Lino getting engaged, for example). If you are away from the radio, you can get a text message updating you with that news. That way, you can run to your radio, turn it on and catch the rest of the story.

I think the Twitter updates will be an added benefit to you, and it gives Dan, Fr. Jim, Doug in Kansas, Mike in Detroit, Marty the Cop and I an easier way to update the blog, and keep you in the loop a little more often.

I look forward to the more interactive experience with you!

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1 Response to Twitter? I hardly know her!

  1. oskiwow says:

    you know full well that Lino will make some comment about "twitter."