A More-Than-Half-Hearted Analysis of Lino's Lenten Sacrifices

Let's analyze Christine's choices of sacrifices for Lino for Lent. We'll grade them on an A+ through F- scale, with A+ being "canonize Lino already" and F- being "you call this a sacrifice? you better go to Confession pronto, brother!"

1. Daily Mass: Solid, especially if Lino wasn't going to weekday Mass before Lent. One wonders how Lino will get this done on Tuesdays with therapy in the mix. Grade: B+.

2. No Chipolte
on Tuesdays, Thursday (and technically Friday) and Saturday: No Chipotle?! Dude, how is the brother going to get his protein then? Man cannot live on water and pizza alone. Hello? Chipotle burros (they're not burritos. they are huge. they are burros.) are gifts from God. They're right up there with the In-N-Out Double Double. What's Lino supposed to eat instead? Lino already said he doesn't cook. Wow. When I heard this yesterday, I was like, "Wow. Wow. Wow." Grade: A-. Maybe even an A+ after I have a Chipotle burrito tomorrow.

3. Be nice to Gus Lloyd on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Ok, what does "be nice" mean? I mean, Lino says he's friends with Gus Lloyd already. And I think that being friends with Gus is a little like breathing air -- Gus seems like the type of guy who would love to be everyone's "brother." Be "nice"? I thought Lino was already nice to Gus. He plugs Gus' show everyday. He even created a segment called "What Does Gus Know?" If I didn't know better, I'd think Lino loves Gus as much as he loves his Emmy-award-winning
Generation Cross (available on DVD at http://linorulli.com). I'm not sure about this one. Grade: C.

What do you think?

[Update: Lino's compliment of Gus today was solid. He's off to a great start for Lent.]

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