Non Gratuitous Nudity?

Often as I am listening to TCGS I hear something that affects my thought process. It gnaws on my conscience. An incident Monday was one such event. Lino was interviewing Sister Helena Burns, The Media Nun, about the Oscars. While discussing the movie "The Wrestler", Lino asks Sister what she thought of the nudity in the show. The good sister said she wasn't offended by it because it fit the story and it wasn't gratuitous. This surprised me because from this male's visually stimulated sexual psyche all nudity is gratuitous. This isn't to say that I am proud of the fact. I know that JPII often mentioned that the human body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. However, shamefully, for me, a nude scene in a movie for the most part doesn't impart on me heavenly inspired thoughts. This realization has led me to make a personal commitment to not rent any movies with nudity in them. Which means I miss out on quite a few shows and I have to put a little more background research as to why a show is rated R before putting it in my NETFLIX queue. But I feel I am avoiding a near occasion of sin. And I definitely know I avoid plenty of awkward moments while watching movies with my wife. At times this commitment is very frustrating because, for instance, I may never see the "THE WRESTLER" unless in 10 years in shows on TV. But in the course of ones lifetime will my life be any more fullfilling by watching a few more movies? That is my Lenten eve thought and perhaps a minor confession.

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