Look at the Size of These Groups!

(Update #2: Lino in cape:)

(Update: No Christine today :( )

Further proof that the Catholic Guy Show is doing great work at building community -- check out the size of these Facebook groups:

"I Get Jared Rizzi": 19 members

"The Lou Crew": 36 members

"Support Fr. Jim Chern Every Friday on the Catholic Guy Show": 20 members

"Lino Rulli Facebook Fans": 327 members

Just think if Lino were to use this evidence at contract negotiation time. Imagine the possibilities!

For example, what if Lino used this equation:

Lino's raise = $100 x (number of members of Lino's Facebook group + number of Facebook friends + total number of people with whom Lino has man-chatted)

Poor Ron wouldn't be able to lift the check.

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