Man Chatting Record

At the end of Friday's CGS, Lino mentioned to Father Dave that he had chatted with 91 fans on Thursday night. This made me wonder what are some of the world records for online chatting. Could we as CGS fans help Lino set some sort of record?

I went to Guinness World Book's website but it was not very helpful. The only fact of interest I could find during a Google search was:

Most fan question asked in one hour - 17,000

That one would be a tough one to beat. But surely there is a record we could strive for. Maybe most consecutive hours chatting? We could sign in for different time periods, similar to what my church does during adoration. Lino would have to be the one endurance tested. But with no Emmy's the near future and who knows about the Peabody, a world record maybe be all our humble host needs for now.

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