Lou Ruggieri man-chats! (sorta)

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Facebook, and saw the great Lou Ruggieri online. 'Lou chatting? No way!' I thought. But Lou is a man of few words. Here is the conversation:

dustin: manchatting today Lou?
Lou: (no response)
dustin:u must be bored
Lou: (says nothing)
dustin: Or getting ready for work, either of the two
Lou: (silence, like that time I told my parents I loved them)
dustin: Well good luck on the show today, keep up the solid work!
Lou: (no words. No speech. Absolutely nothing).

So chat with Lou at your own risk...the silence may be deafening, but deep down, I know Lou still cares about the fans.

Edit: Lou spoke! We agreed he is a man of few words, because, as Lou stated, "sometimes a few is all you need." That attitude worked wonders for John Wayne. As usual, Lou speaks the truth.

The conversation continued for a few more minutes, as Lou was doing a hundred things at once. It may have been a brief man-chat, but the pure joy of talking to Lou on Facebook can only be surpassed by kissing a girl (or boy, depending on your anatomy).

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