Proof that Lino went to Mass while on Vacation

On Facebook,  Kevan Knowles Jr has a photo of himself with Lino Rulli, and says it was taken right after Mass at St. Thomas More Parish, Nassau, Bahamas.

A few people asked if Lino would make it to Mass while in the Bahamas. How dare they expect any less? But the proof is in the pudding, as that lame phrase goes.

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5 Responses to Proof that Lino went to Mass while on Vacation

  1. that one molasses man-tan.

  2. Can't tell. The picture doesn't show, but I'd guess he did.

  3. That is only proof that he tempted a Holy Man of God to spend time with Lino. Where is the alter? Where are the pews? No I don't see this as proof but another question.

  4. WOW ... awsome tan Lino!
    Hey Vince, are you being "vendictive" because Lino has the tan and not you? :-) I just can't imagine Lino tempting a Holy man.