Show Idea!

As a Lino fan, I've always laughed about his "Ron" Astorino jokes. I really do love "Conversation with the Cardinal" on its own, but love hearing Rob interview Cardinal Egan. Rob also interviews other Cardinals on a show called "Out of the Ordinary."

I got an idea after hearing "Conversation" this morning....suppose Rob Astorino interviews relatives of TCC's show hosts? Wouldn't it be fascinating to hear Rob interviewing Mama Rulli?! I especially love Mama Rulli because she helped raise the Lino we all know and love. It was priceless when she was in NYC and Rob peeped in and she called him a little creature.

So how about it, "Ron"? You could interview the various spouses, parents, and children of TCC's show hosts! That would be some really fine meat there!

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1 Response to Show Idea!

  1. I agree. Ron does a very good job with these interviews making the guests feel very much at ease and drawing the audience into the conversation. As for the significant others of the host, I am not so sure I would have any interest. Lino's mom is great and should find a spot on The View to put those women in their place.