Still praying for the show?

We definitely need to step up the prayer, especially after this nasty report that SiriusXM could be facing bankruptcy.

Scary stuff. But we trust that God's will will be done. Like so many others, I love The Catholic Channel, and want it to succeed beyond our wildest dreams. I don't think SiriusXM is going anywhere for a long while, but it definitely needs our prayers.

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4 Responses to Still praying for the show?

  1. doubt that Sirius will go away. Howard's big salary though goes up for negotiation (due to bankruptcy)...

  2. By filing they have the right to ask the courts to renegotiate all contracts and many will be reviewed by the court to determine if they are excessive and can kill some current high salary contracts opening them for negotiation.
    Don't worry too much about the station closing up there are other satellite companies which would love to eat up Sirius just for the satellite capacity.
    So really this doesn't mean the end of lower budget programs but HS may be looking for a new place to swear. I don't listen to him and have only ever heard his program once or twice before it went into space.

  3. Kate says:

    I can certainly live without Howard Stern. Never understood what Lino sees in him. Yes he's successful but at what cost? He used to be funny years ago but now he's just a pig.

  4. Too much talk about lesbians, not enough fun BSing, is my opinion of Howard