Who's More Catholic (for February 2/13)?

Round 1: Balloon Animals.

No witty banter.
Caller (dustin) votes for Lino. Ugh. (Score: Lino 1-0)

Round 2: Opening a Beer.
Lino engages Joe with a little witty banter. [flag]
Caller (Joe) votes for Lino. (Lino 2-0)
Clearly the witty banter influenced Joe.

Round 3: Chopping Wood.
Lino wants to pass.
Fr Jim says "Let's go."
This may come back to haunt him.
Lino tries to spin Fr. Jim's answer in an effort
to influence the listeners. [flag]
Caller (Karen) chooses Fr. Jim. (Lino 2-1)
Much protestation by Lino. Sounds like whining.
Jared jumps in with the thesaurus but was ignored as
Lino hangs up on the caller. [flag]
Lino starts calling it a fix.
Shades of what happened to Fr. Jim's mom.

Lino makes another plea for an "honest person."
Honest person = voter for Lino.

Round 4: Circus (elephant sounds)
Lino tries again to influence the vote before anything is even written.
(Lou apologizes to Karen for Lino's hangup.)
Lino is getting a little mad now as he reads.
Oooo. Both answers are testy!
Lino asks for Karen to be blessed. Nice guy Lino is back.
Caller (Clint) votes for Lino. (Lino 3-1)
Fr. Jim is on the ropes.

Round 5: Golf (Fore!)
Lino gets it even with a lame Tiger Woods reference.
Lino defeats Fr. Jim 4-1. Game over.

P.S. Jesus called the show to vote in the useless Round 7
and voted for Fr. Jim. Amazing.

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1 Response to Who's More Catholic (for February 2/13)?

  1. Where was Dustin's head? He voted for Lino? What gives with that?
    Did Lino promise you a Popener?