AveMariaSingles, Lino, and God

Terrific segment yesterday between Lino and Anthony Buono of Ave Maria Singles.

By "terrific," I mean "Lino seemed to be cracking jokes because he was uncomfortable with what Anthony was saying." Bonus for us listeners, right?

I began thinking about what Anthony was saying to Lino about life, discernment, and the notion of how God speaks to us in our lives.

  • What if Lino is right, and that God is calling him to keep going with the TCGS and be the single guy for now?
  • What if Anthony is right, and that Lino may not really be listening to what God is telling him and instead Lino is merely waiting for God to tell him what Lino wants to hear?
  • What if God has been speaking all along to Lino through the listeners, Mark the Bible Geek, Lou, et al.?
  • What if God has been speaking to Lino through Gus Lloyd? (!!!!) I.e. he can be the married, family guy and still be a MINT! radio host. (Well, maybe Gus isn't MINT!, but you get the idea...)
I want to listen to the Anthony interview again because I think if you get past Lino's much-appreciated humor, you can tell that what Anthony was saying was really hitting home to our hero Lino. It made for extremely compelling Catholic radio.

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2 Responses to AveMariaSingles, Lino, and God

  1. Impeccable insight, Mr. Burbank! I picked up on it, too. It is a topic that Lino is compelled to discuss, but would rather not. Which makes for catholic radio that doesn't suck. (And isn't that the goal?)


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