Again, All Male Revue!

Women are not allowed to call in during the first hour.

God help us all.

The only thing worse than the All Male Revue is Lino whistling...

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9 Responses to Again, All Male Revue!

  1. I'm not allowed to call anymore. Crizteen broke it to me last week when I called. Lino needs new voices. (and forget that he's yet to send me the prize I won almost two years ago)

  2. I am glad the show got over and I missed half of it because I was doing other things.. my best friend called so I talked to him.
    Somethings get old real fast and the all male review is one I can do without a repeat anytime soon...(sic)ever!

  3. Detroit Mike, are you being serious??? Any one of us could be next!

  4. very serious...and a week before this i was kept on hold for like 45 mins only to ultimately be told there was no time to get to my call. its funny cuz when the show was in its infancy, i used to be one of the few who actually called....

  5. I still think that's probably just a back and see what happens :)

  6. well, let me clarify. her comment was made when I called in to "lets make a catholic deal", and it was more of a Lino said he wants to hear new voices and not a "I Christine say"

    But why else would I call? ... i've been hoping to re-win the prize i never received over a year ago...but we all know how complainers get treated on the show, so I would never complain to the Boer goat... I mean we don't want him to quit the show before Sirius goes under.

  7. I called in twice but that was before I became a blogger on this site, so I guess that he doesn't know that it was me who called in.

  8. Doug INK says:

    Mike, if it was during let's make a Catholilc Deal, I wouldn't sweat it. For Lino to want new fans to win prizes seems logical. So keep calling, I always enjoy your phone ins on the show. However, your calling Lino out here on this blog probably didn't better your odds of making it on the air :-)