Did Lino ever apply to be on the Bachelor?

While catching up the latest CGS, I was listening to Tuesday's edition of Lou's News. During which the crew discussed some controversy from the TV show "The Bachelor". While discussing it, Lino pondered (and I paraphrase), "How pathetic would a person have to be to want to be on a show like that?" However, somewhere stored in my Lino Vault I thought I recalled Lino mentioning he once applied to be on "The Bachelor". This was pre CGS. When Lino was still in Minn. In fact, he was named one of Minnesota's most eligible bachelors by a prominent Minnesota publication. Now, I don't want to turn this blog into a rumorfest so before I publicly call Lino out on this....... Does anyone else recall this?

Edit: Here is the blog post that has the article referencing Lino being an eligible bachelor

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1 Response to Did Lino ever apply to be on the Bachelor?

  1. I think deep down Lino does want to be on the show. I think we should sign him up for The Bachelorette. Wouldn't it be great to see Lino defeat all challengers?