Lino having to take breaks

Well, our Catholic Guy shared that he's being forced to take breaks. I for one appreciated getting a break from those unspeakably bad "Life, Love, and Health" pieces. It sounds like we're getting humorous bits. I sure hope so! Some of those spots on TCC are not worth wasting our time. I rather liked the top of the hour news bits that gave about a seven minute break so I could get from the car to the house.

I think any spots should be either Catholic based, humorous, or good public service announcements. But we can't get enough good laughs from our Catholic Guy!

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2 Responses to Lino having to take breaks

  1. I really enjoy the earth and sky ones, even if the one chick sounds like she's 12. She has a very school-presentation tone of voice.

  2. I agree with the news breaks at the top of the hour. I pretty much listen to TCC all day and liked to have the news. As for Lino taking breaks well if he must. I just wish they would mix up the PSA a little instead of playing the same ones over and over.