Let Your Voice Be Heard

As American’s we have an obligation to let our government officials know how we feel since as members of a Republic they make decisions for this country.
With the election of President Obama the life issues now land squarely on our shoulders to bear since the Democratic Party does not hold this issue at the same level of importance as we do.
Gus Lloyd has the following message posted on his web site:

Make Your Voice Heard!
The Obama administration wants to rescind the Provider Conscience Clause, which allows medical professionals to refuse to participate in procedures that go against their conscience. This evil must be stopped! President Obama and his Culture of Death-ites will stop at nothing to further their agenda. Please send an email today to proposedrescission@hhs.gov and let the administration know that you do not want the Conscience Clause rescinded. Please forward a link to all people of good will and ask them to write. And before you hit “send,” send up a prayer that the Obama Death Train can be stopped before doing any further damage.

So please join him and write to the Health & Human Services Department and let your voice be heard.

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