LOCO moments

What draws me to TCGS is the way Lino has a way of connecting everyday life with my Catholic faith. One of the unfortunate side affects of being a LOCO (Lino Obsessive COmpulsive) fan is most of my thought process is CGS affected.

Case in Point.
A 3 day blizzard moved through my area this week. Meaning I could do little in the area of work. Listening to TCGS in real time, not recorded on my stilleto, perhaps calling in for some witty banter and just hoping to hear Lino tell me , "excellent call, call in anytime", was something I was relishing. Unfortunately, the realities of school also being closed, meaning 5 kids were home. Plus, my wife viewed this as a chance for me to do a few things on the honey-do list or just flat out help with the day to day chores. So after 70 some hours mostly house bound, and the potential to listen to 6 hours of Catholic Pleasure and actually listening to about 15 minutes live. I had to wonder:

Example deuce: some minor confessions.
For some reasons I had a feeling of superiority when Lino admitted he completely forgot about day lights saving time and showed up near the end of the mass he wanted to attended on Sunday.
I had the same feeling when Lou, who I consider intelligent, admitted he had no idea who the Sadduces were or what was pertinent about Sodom and Gommarah. I felt so smug knowing I knew something he didn't.
Of course, I was humbled later in the show. Lino's 11th commandment was "Thou shall not act smarter than you really are". (that was a Paraphrasement- I'm not going to take the time to relisten to the exact commandment). Any woo, someone called in to add the addendum, "Thou shall not act holier than you really are".

Oh, Well!!!!

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