Today's "Ron-ism"

I'm listening to today's "Conversation with the Cardinal" recorded today on my Sirius Stiletto. Ron has not disappointed! Today, they're "Sitting in the Big Apple." I guess any apple Ron sits in would be big!

Lino's much maligned boss is a nice guy who loves a laugh. I wrote into the Cardinal's show this fall because people were wondering what Joe Zwilling and Rob Astorino looked like. I wrote in and informed them that both men have their pictures on Lino's and Busted Halo's My Space profiles. I also added that "real Catholic Channel fans say Ron Astorino. Well, the Cardinal read my letter on the air first thing next show! He got a big laugh about Ron Astorino, Rob liked this too, so it shows you that even people with big responsibilities like Cardinal Egan have a wonderful sense of humor. Ron got to explain about "Lino-Unruly."!

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1 Response to Today's "Ron-ism"

  1. Kip says:

    Everyone that works at The Catholic Channel seem to have a pretty good sense of humor. If they didn't, Gus and Rob/Ron would have probably gotten rid of Lino a long time ago.
    Eric in Alexis