Lino's Favorite Goof Objects!

Lino's been so busy goofing on poor old Jared his producer it seems like he's forgotten his favorite old target Rob "Ron" Astorino, program director of TCC, now I believe he's station manager.

We all know how Lino likes catchphrases! I have an idea: how many of you listen to the other shows on TCC, especially "Conversation with the Cardinal" which features "Ron" interviewing His Eminence Cardinal Egan. I really love that show! There's a lot of laughter on there! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago "Ron" came up with a really great phrase, he said "I've been like a caged tiger all day." I was really surprised Lino didn't pick up on that one, guess he doesn't have time to listen to other shows on the channel.

I think it would be fun if we could gather cool phrases that Rob Astorino uses and bring them to Lino's show! That would be mint!

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4 Responses to Lino's Favorite Goof Objects!

  1. Ron's show is so boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Ugh.

  2. I like Ron's show. It's very informative and nice to hear from the top brass.

    That said, Ron already has another show on television. Little people, big things.

  3. John Volz says:

    After recent drubbings in "Who is more Catholic" and the associated goofing banter I notice Fr Jim Chern has been away. How come Lino hasn't addressed this feud?

  4. No worries John, Fr. Jim was taking the college kids on a retreat that happened to be on Friday.

    You do raise a point though...I'm sure Lino will spin it some way where it looks like the good Father has cowered away from Lino's well-earned dominance.