Catholic Channel doing its work!

Reflecting on Dustin's upcoming entrance into the Catholic Church tonight, all the many conversion stories, and thankfully, my GLORIOUS Confession experience last Wednesday afternoon, I'd like to share what I find about The Catholic Channel! (TCC)

Since this blog is about Lino's show, I'll mention him first. Lino is a regular guy with his quirks that tries to live a holy life. Lino, you're giving good example to so many young people....look at how many are returning to the Church, and Confession! I sometimes miss your show because I have an opportunity to get to Mass and Confession at that time.

Lino, I don't think your inability to commit to marriage is a fault. I think it's prudence. Any difficulty in life you go through is just going to help others in the Body of Christ in ways you can't even imagine!

TCC does such a mint job of reaching young people, indeed all people. I'm one of your elderly listeners; I'm 51 and over the hill. Listened to and loved TCC since Day 1. I have a burning love for Catholic Radio, anyway.

Dustin and all who are entering and renewing your faith and walk with God....pray for us! I am glad Sirius has two Catholic stations, and TCC is going over so well on XM. God is good!

Blessed Easter to all.


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