My score for Lent

I heard that Lino had given himself a score for his Lenten sacrifice. From what I heard it was a pretty good grade. I certainly didn't follow him everyday to see if he failed what he had promised but I just wanted to grade myself for what I did this season of Lent.

To start I am going to re post what I had posted at the beginning of Lent.

Preparing for Lent:
Ecclesiastes 2: 24-26
24 There is no happiness except in eating and drinking, and in enjoying one's achievements; and I see that this too comes from God's hand; 25 for who would get anything to eat or drink, unless all this came from him? 26 Wisdom, knowledge and joy, God gives to those who please him, but on the sinner he lays the task of gathering and storing up for someone else who is pleasing to him. This too is futility and chasing after the wind.

The New Jerusalem Bible. New York : Doubleday, 1985, S. Ec 2:24-26

And so as Lent is about to begin, maybe we should keep this in mind. The next 40 days need to focus on that which is given us and where it comes from. By depriving ourselves some gift of God we learn to appreciate that gift more when we are able to partake of it again.

If we instead focus our effort on additional prayer or other sacrifice even that is in some way depriving you of something since if we give of our self, our time to be drawn closer to the Giver of all gifts, He will reward our efforts by drawing us closer to the Father.

So take a minute in prayer to see what it is that we cling to the most. That might be what would be best to give up as a means to draw closer to The Father.

My focus on Lent was selfishness. I don't mean to be selfish to my fellow man as I find I am rather generous if you ask me. Unlike Lino who waits till the end of the year to square up with his tithe I make sure it is done every month.. no I am not bragging just making a point..

My goal was to be less selfish to God. To start I would make sure I read the Daily office as soon as I woke up and attend Mass if I was home but if I was on the road to be sure to recite the Rosary dedicating each decade to someone or the Church.

I would be sure to read the midday and evening prayers from the Office. I would avoid sin particularly the sin the I habitually find myself doing which is the most selfish thing I can do toward God. Seeing that He sent Jesus to earth to suffer for these sins it wouldn't be a bad idea to refrain from sin especially during Lent.

Well I can tell you I would rate myself a D+ maybe. I certainly need to go to Confession to get a better grade. Cause I know that after a visit to the Confessional, God in His Divine Mercy would give me an A too.

Have a Blessed Easter Season everyone.

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3 Responses to My score for Lent

  1. Bob says:

    Right on Vince! I could not agree more. I would score you an A+ just for the honest evaluation. You may feel you graded yourself a D+, thats because your honest enough to know your not perfect. It's encouraging to me that their Catholic's who take their faith seriously.
    As for Lino! He maybe book smart on catholism. But he's lacks self control over his EGO! And thats a shame! He doesn't see it. He thinks picking on Jared or others is funny. Its really not funny at all. Its tiresum! Belittleing others is not a christain point of view.
    Lino's show was 1,000% better with Maureen and Tom. Back then Lino was teaching us by teaching Tom. Maureen was the blunt end of his jokes often true. But Maureen was able to fight back which made it funny. Sometimes Jared's humor is so dry its boringly sad.
    Lino, should go back and listen to old shows and see the difference perhaps he'll learn by that. But his EGO is so BIG. I doubt he'll want too. He'll just give himself and A+ and blame others if his show fails further down the hole of dispearirty. I feel sorry for Lino, I really do like they guy.

  2. Kyley says:

    WOW! Bob, I don't know what to say. I have a friend who knows Lino, she has told me what she thought of him and I wish more people could get to know him OFF the radio.He is nothing like that person.Did you think maybe most of what he does is an act for radio and it's surprising how so many people fall for his act. It's the same for all "Performers" whether on radio or T.V. thats why it's called a "show". Give the guy a break, give Jared a break, they are doing the best they can and don't always have a say in everything they do or say.Remember the bosses? Personally I could not get on the radio and do what the 4 of them do 5 days a week and I doubt you could.Next time you start telling people whats christian and whats not, look in the mirror, you might see that you need a little work in that area. Don't you think what you just wrote might hurt Lino and Jareds feelings? If you have "constructive critism" E-mail him privately but don't sit and try to embarrass them like this.To me you just sound jealous.

  3. I think it might be best if I respond to Bob and Kyley. I didn't write my post to rip Lino. I wrote it to share a point. We all fall short and but with the mercy of God cannot make the grade.
    It's called "fear of the Lord", that healthy knowledge that without God we are incomplete by a long shot.