Lino and Pope John Paul

I love to hear stories about Pope John Paul the second.I found it interesting that Lino was able to get on a plane with only one seat left, it was meant to be.I looked at the pictures that Lino has on his website and they are beautiful and it makes me wonder how close did Lino get?If you haven't looked at them yet, do so, they are amazing.I just wish Lino would have brought out the Big Book of Pope John Paul trivia because, believe it or not I learned a lot from it, when he had it out, I think it was last summer. I told him he should make a book of all the information he had of Pope John Paul so more people could benefit from it, but as modest as Lino is, he won't do it. It's good stuff and I would have liked to have heard more of Linos stories of that week.

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1 Response to Lino and Pope John Paul

  1. Kyley says:

    I agree the book was fun! and to hear about Popes and Saints,the way they do it, does seem to sink in alot more easier than any class I took. They Make it fun and I think Lino would Make a good teacher. By the way Cathy, is Lino still going to do the tatoo? I think he should have you sitting there holding his hand but arguing with him all through the tatoo procedure, that way he won't feel the pain, from the needle I mean.LOL.