Per Jennifer Willits' suggestion

"Lino's nose deserves its own facebook entry."


Click here to see it / join!

Update: By the order of Greg & Jennifer -->



As in, "How are you feeling? WILLITS!"

"Everything is coming up WILLITS!"

(I'm not sure if it will catch on...)

Update @ 1:45 PM PT --> The inmates are running the asylum!! :) Jared is talking happily!! Lou is very manly!! Christine is still... quiet.

1:57 PM PT: Greg --> "We're hosting this April Fool's hoo-hah!" Hey-o!

They also tried out WAM -- "Willits Against MINT!" Towards the end of the show, Greg & Jennifer ultimately got the hang of mocking Jared, even making the statement that Jared & Adam (the Willits' morning producer) came from the same school of (non-)producing. Hahahaha!

I think they finally decided on "WAM," but they have several factors going against them:

  • MINT! was a grassroots movement;
  • MINT! wasn't forced on anyone;
  • WAM makes me think of WHAM! which makes me think of George Michael (Hey-o!);
  • MINT! was resurrected by a three-time Emmy award winning single dude. WAM! was coined by a non-Emmy award winning Catholic parents of five and a regularly mocked non-Subway spokesman.

(Lino is cool. Greg reads comic books. Jennifer married Greg. Jared is Jared. QED.)

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2 Responses to Per Jennifer Willits' suggestion

  1. I found the whole day hilarious! It was nice of Lino to fill in for the Willits because it saved their listeners from a best of repeat. I'm at work when their show airs, so enjoyed hearing them, as much as I like Lino. As for the goofing, Lino dishes it out and it should work both ways. WAM! That was brilliant!

  2. Lino needed siblings as a child. I can see that now.