Lino on Greg and Jennifer's Catholics Next Door

No, Lino was not a guest. Lino hosted the show as part of TCC's April Fools Day prank (Greg and Jennifer will be hosting The Catholic Guy, which should be a lot of fun to hear them talk about fun "non-serious" stuff). If you were a Twitter subscriber, you would have known this 20 minutes into the show, so definitely sign up to get updated with breaking Lino news!

It was fun to hear Lino talk about Natural Family Planning, and his struggles to play "Name That Catholic." Sometime soon, there should be a Youtube video up of some of the show highlights, but for now, tune into the last 15 minutes to hear Lino's thoughts on new movie trailers.

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1 Response to Lino on Greg and Jennifer's Catholics Next Door

  1. I honestly thought oh no! What is Lino doing with his show!I heard him in the morning but had no idea that this was his idea of an April Fools joke. I have to say though, Greg and Jennifer had me laughing alot! And did you notice how nice they were to all the callers, no hang-ups,no putting people on hold, and even Jared was treated like a human being. Getting rid of the word Mint and them just goofing on Lino was some of the best radio I have ever heard. Maybe a time slot change would be good.Oh....... and Lino did pretty good to.